1. Hot Water Immersion Pulverizes Stress

Hot water therapy is practically as old as mankind, but a recent study details the many surprising benefits it provides to human health. The study, published in the North American Journal of Medical Science, found that hydrotherapy is good for numerous systems of the body – including the cardiovascular, muscular, nervous, and respiratory systems. The secret of hydrotherapy is the ability of water to boost circulation, calm the nerves, and reduce pain and soreness, but if you’re more into dry experiences, you can obtain many similar benefits from a sauna. Discover why both these therapies should be part and parcel of your everyday life, and boost the benefits of hot water tubs by enjoying a calming barrel hot tub experience.

A 2009 study showed that just 10 minutes in a hot tub produces increased feelings of well-being and a reduction in anxiety. The secret is the ability of warm water to invoke the ‘parasympathetic system’ – which helps calm us down by lowering our heart rate and stopping us from entering into a state of panic when we are very stressed. Because stress is a trigger for common mental conditions such as depression and anxiety, hot tub immersion can play an important role in keeping our mental health in tip-top condition. If you’ve fallen madly in love with the beautiful look and texture of Forest Cooperage’s barrel hot tubs, then you may already know of the calming effect of wood. Based on studies carried out in Norway, Japan, Austria, and Canada, wood does have the power to affect our mental state in a positive way by promoting a sense of calm.

2. Hot Tubs Boost Your Physical Health Too

A groundbreaking 2018 study showed that soaking in a hot tub frequently improves your cardiovascular health. It also reduces the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by lowering insulin resistance. Other studies have noted the ability of hot tubs to soothe pain in arthritic joints. Still others have found that it helps soothe sore muscles and helps reduce bone pain. Hot tubs can also help you have beautiful skin, by helping to open and detoxify your pores. Because your body’s largest organ will be soaking in the delicious heat, your tub will have to be cleaned every few months, to ensure it is sparkling clean and completely free of mold and allergy causing substances.

3. Saunas For A Sound Body

Large-scale reviews of various studies have shown that, like hot tubs, dry saunas have many physical and mental benefits. Frequent sauna use is associated with a lower risk of death from all causes, as well as lower likelihoods of heart attacks and other cardiac issues. Saunas can also benefit people with rheumatic diseases like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, allergic rhinitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Some studies have shown that saunas can improve athletic performance, which is why so many top sports teams rely on this relaxing therapy.

4. Relax Your Cares Away In A Sauna

When you’re in a sauna, is it possible for your mind to be anywhere else – such as worrying about the future or regretting the past? Scientists answer this question in the negative, noting that saunas have powerful psychological benefits because they instill a state of ‘forced mindfulness’. Saunas have also been found to help people sleep well and feel more relaxed.

Hot tubs and saunas are the daily break that everyone should enjoy. With powerful physical and mental effects, both can help us live longer and feel more positive and energetic. Water and wood have a uniquely calming effect, helping us feel closer to nature – so much so that we are almost a part of it.

A special thank you to Jane Kitson , a freelance writer, for this article. No part of this article may be reproduced without the express written permission of the author.