Who We Are

Since 1998, we’ve been handcrafting cedar hot tubs from select locally milled wood. We’ve since expanded our product lineup to offer a range of barrel saunas, Japanese-inspired soaker tubs, and water cisterns, all designed to bring people closer to nature.

Customers around the globe have told us that our products are the thing they love most about their homes. Giving people a reason to spend more time relaxing in the great outdoors is what drives us forward every day.

Our workshop is located in the small town of Sooke, on the pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada. Surrounded by forests, water and the rugged coastline, we’re constantly reminded of the importance of respecting the environment, here and everywhere.

The Process

Cooperage is a style of woodcraft that has stood the test of time, most recognized for its use in making casks and barrels for water, beer, wine and spirits. Strong enough to withstand the pressures of transporting fermenting ales across rough seas, it’s no wonder the technique hasn’t changed much over the centuries.

We start by selecting the highest quality Western Red Cedar for our products, all sourced within British Columbia. Our hot tubs and soaker tubs are constructed with clear, vertical grain lumber which offers greater stability and a clean, knot-free esthetic. Cedar is a remarkably resilient, rot-resistant wood, making it an ideal choice for use in wet environments.

Next, the lumber is slowly kiln-dried for 2-3 weeks, increasing its strength and reducing the risk of shrinkage or warping after production.

From this kiln-dried lumber, we make interlocking wooden staves, which are secured in place with high-quality stainless steel hoops to form a durable seal. Each piece is carefully finished and packed for safe shipping and easy on-site assembly.

With proper care, the final product can last for 20 years of enjoyment, or beyond.

Building for the Future

Forestry is a vital driver of the economy in British Columbia, as one of our province’s most valuable renewable resources. At Forest Cooperage, we’re passionate about manufacturing premium products from local lumber, right here in B.C. As we grow, our goal is to continue to create jobs in our community, while producing functional, durable products for our customers to enjoy for years to come.