Change Your Life Using Hot Cold Contrast Therapy at Home

August 8, 2023

Learn why hot cold contrast therapy is so much more than a trend, then use expert tips to bring the benefits to your own home

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How to Level Up Your Vacation Rental Guest Experience 

March 25, 2023

Nami Project Airbnb

To inspire you to make your rental stand out in the crowd, we’re taking a look at how top-rated vacation rental owners have designed outstanding experiences for their guests. We’ll share their advice, along with a few tried and true ideas and practical considerations to help you take your rental...

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How to Build a Cedar Hot Tub

February 14, 2023

Assembling a cedar hot tub

See what it takes to build a cedar hot tub and learn what you can do to prepare before your hot tub arrives.

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How to Winterize a Cedar Hot Tub

January 9, 2023

cedar hot tub in the snow

Learn how to use a cedar hot tub in winter and how to properly drain and store your hot tub when not in use in freezing climates.

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Destinations to Use Our Cedar Hot Tubs and Saunas 

October 17, 2022

nimmo bay resort floating hot tub

Whether you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, searching for a new spot for a weekend getaway,  or looking for ideas to create a spa-like escape on your own property, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on this list of destinations.

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