Barry Shaw

Last week we had full moon, red wine, puccini playing the sound of the surf and the smell of cedar all adding to the experience. What can I say but WOW!

The Richters

Our new Hot Tub is the focal point of our yard. Nothing beats the smell, feel and look of wood! Thanks for all your attention to detail.

Danita, Angus, Charlie

I wanted to say thank you for our wonderful new hot tub. The first night we used it, the sky was clear and we could see all of the stars. The only sound was the crackling of the wood stove and the wind in the trees. Your tub fits perfectly into our landscape and it looks like it was made for the spot we put it on. It took about 2 hours to heat up the first night, but the next night we only made a small fire and it heated up in about 15 minutes. It was still at 98 degrees when we opened it up the next night! Not only is it a fabulous hot tub, but it is a great conversation piece as well.

Brooke B.


Well it has taken a little bit of time to get things just right but I am truly LOVING my bathtub! As promised I am sending you a picture. I had to make sure the surroundings were worthy of the tub before sending you something that doesn’t pay homage to the amazing piece of functional art you all produced. I can not express how incredibly blessed I feel to have found your company on Pinterest and now to own this gorgeous tub that makes my bathroom feel absolutely luxurious. Please thank everyone for me for all of their hard work and attention to detail while providing exceptional customer care!

Robert L.


We opened the top of the crate this evening… Not only was the smell of cedar overpowering and heavenly, we also suspect we could, for a moment, catch a whiff of that fabulous British Columbia air!

Derek M.

Salt Spring Island, BC

We’ve been using it for a couple of months now and Carol and I are very pleased. Stars and owls have also been cooperative. Stove is nice and very efficient and heats water well in about 3 – 3.5 hrs from cold, but only needs 1.5 hrs on the second night.

M. Stern


The tub is up and running (on DeCourcy Island), working well – using salt water from the ocean.

Patrick Moore

Co-Founder of Greenpeace

The tub has sealed perfectly. You certainly use the finest materials and the design is quite elegant. Can’t wait for the first soak!

C. Fortuna


We recently put together the water cistern that we purchased from you. The instructions were very good. My friend and I put it together in a weekend. Thank you for all help – you had some good tips that we would not have thought of.

Lynda Dunal

Muskoka Ontario

We love everything about our cedar wood fired hot tub. I have it down to a fine art – I know just how long it takes to fill it, get the fire going to the perfect temperature before we can hop in and just soak. My husband and I love the smell of the cedar, the subtle wood smoke, and the absence of chemicals. Maintenance is minimal – a quick scrub before I fill it and the occasional emptying of the ashes. The insulated wood cover does a wonderful job of keeping the heat in and the leaves and ashes out. We love to fill it to a few inches from the top and then when we get in the water reaches the top and reflects the trees and the lake surrounding us. It is magical. We use our hot tub every weekend from the time we open our cottage in early May right through to the end of October. Its great on those cooler or damp days when you might want to go in fora swim but after a hot soak the lake is suddenly refreshing and much more tolerable!

B. Beckstrand


Everything worked out great – a great product – well put together – went together like clockwork.

M. Oelbaum


I am now a believer. All is well at the fishing camp, hot tub is up and running. I timed the first run. Using lake water at 65 degrees, I built a moderate fire and in two and a half hours, it was up to 102 and I was in shortly after. A pleasant surprise for me was the next tubbing. It was cold the next morning, so when I checked the fire box I noticed there were still coals and some unburned smoldering wood. I freshened this up with some birch bark, then a little kindling plus two modest logs and reset the draft. Within 10 minutes or so I had a nice fire going again, with little or no trouble or time lost. Recapture of heat and temp was quick, I think you could advertise how easy it is to restart the fire, the next morning, and get it all ready to go again, it certainly is a selling feature in my mind.

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