Your Heat Source

Whether you’re placing your hot tub or sauna at an off-grid cabin, an urban backyard or an apartment rooftop, our heating options ensure you’ll be warm in no time. 

Wood Fire

There’s nothing quite like the ritual of building a fire to generate your own heat. A wood-burning stove is the fastest heating solution, bringing a 4-6 person hot tub up to temperature in just 2.5-3.5 hours, and reheating the next day with just a few pieces of wood in as little as 30 minutes.

We offer submersible woodstoves for hot tubs, which provide rapid heating, high efficiency, and easy loading. These stoves are made from marine-grade aluminum, paired with a protective cedar fence to separate heated elements from the hot tub users.

Our Chofu woodstoves are ideal for 1-2 person soaker tubs, as well as for mid-sized hot tubs when extra space is desired. While not as speedy as submersible options, external stoves can be made more efficient with the addition of an electric pump for water circulation, or through manual stirring during the heating process.

For wood-fired saunas, we offer the Harvia Legend 150 wood stove. With a glass door for an ambient glow and a steel frame for rocks, the Harvia Legend provides the classic sauna experience.

Be sure to inquire about local restrictions on wood-burning appliances and use a certified fireplace installer to ensure your wood stove is installed safely.

Electric Heater

Electric heat offers unbeatable convenience. Control the temperature of your hot tub with the click of a button, and easily adjust it using the digital display once you’re in the tub. Electric heaters offer the option to maintain a constant water temperature, so you never have to wait for your hot tub to heat.

Our choice for electric heated hot tubs and soaker tubs is the Gecko YE series spa control electric heater. With the Gecko Wifi module, you can control the temperature with an app from your phone.

For saunas, we have three excellent options from Tylo. Engineered for durability and safety, with a cool-touch exterior, our Tylo stoves offer the ultimate convenience. Choose from our base model with controls directly on the heater, or upgrade to options with electronic controls, wifi compatibility or a steam option to add humidity to your sauna.

Propane or Natural Gas

Efficiently heat your hot tub anywhere electric or wood-fired heating is not available. Connect your tub to either propane or natural gas for a convenient fuel source with rapid heating

Things to Consider

If you have the luxury of all three options at your disposal, consider your lifestyle, location, and personal preferences. You might enjoy the convenience of setting your ideal temperature with the press of a button, or you may find the ritual of cutting wood and stoking the fire to be the ultimate reward.

Not sure which heating option is right for you?
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