The people of Japan have been using wooden baths for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The baths are called “Ofuros”. Traditionally, the Japanese shower before entering their wooden bath. The bath is then used for a relaxing hot water soak. Even to this day, most Japanese households have a wooden soaking tub. Forest Cooperage’s soaking tubs have been given the stamp of approval from people of Japanese heritage, which is greatly appreciated. We love Japanese bathing culture!

The cedar barrel hot tub is relatively new in North America. It started in the 1960’s in the wine yards of California. When the grape harvest was over, the farm workers (aka hippies) would fill up the wooden grape crushing barrels with water, and use homemade submersible wood burning stoves, varying from stoves made from old beer kegs to defunct whiskey stills. At the end of the season, everyone was having fun! These folks in the 1960’s were known to be uninhibited, and swim suits were likely not a common occurrence. At some point, an entrepreneurial person realized that wooden wine barrel soaking tubs could be enjoyed by more than just hippies at a winery in California. They were right!

Now, here we are these many years later. Wooden hot tubs are more popular than ever, and rightly so. They can now be paired with wood heat, electric or gas. Wifi control is even an option! Though there may be many more options with modern wooden tubs, the spirit remains. A wood tub has a quality and experience to it that can’t be matched by a modern acrylic tub.

Visit one of the many vacation rentals with our products and try the sublime experience of a Forest Cooperage cedar barrel tub for yourself!