The handcrafted cedar barrel saunas available at Forest Lumber & Cooperage make us proud. However, it’s not only the top-grade materials and high performance that we believe in. More importantly, we can attest to the wonderful health benefits and feelings of well-being that our saunas can provide. So what exactly happens to the body when you enter one?

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the sweat. Responding to the change in heat, your body will begin producing acetylcholine. This chemical delivers a message to sweat glands around the body to start producing. While serving the important purpose of regulating the body’s internal temperature, the sweat will also excrete excessive salt, heavy metals, urea and other toxins. In fact, a 15-minute sauna can detox the body as much as 24-hours of regular kidney activity. It also cleanses the skin by flushing the sweat glands and opening pores. Keep in mind that it’s important to replenish the water that you lose along with all the toxins.

Simultaneously, your heart rate will begin to rise, pumping faster and faster. Blood vessels near the skin will dilate to accommodate faster blood circulation, causing the skin to take on a red hue. All this activity will cause your metabolism to kick into higher gear, as if you’re taking a brisk walk. You’ll feel the effects of a cardiovascular workout, burning fat in the process. With the release of endorphins, you’ll feel a general sense of well-being and mild relief from nagging physical pains.

There are plenty of other effects. The warm, steamy air will enter your airways, soothing nasal passages and clearing congestion. Even though your heart rate is elevated, you’re muscles and joints will relax, increasing flexibility. Sitting back and soaking in the warmth, your mind might wander off, experiencing a moment of total relaxation. Finally, once you emerge from the sauna, you’ll feel as great as you have all day, with heightened senses and a sharp mind.

Sounds nice, right? There’s a reason why people all over the world have gravitated towards saunas for centuries. To make that experience possible on a daily basis at your own home, order a cedar barrel sauna kit from Forest Lumber & Cooperage today.